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Ranging from beans to peppers, to lettuce, students will learn how to GROW plants during the first 2 day of the camp for each week.  Using planters, seeds, and mature plants, students will learn the stages of life of each plant and how to care for them.


Using childproofed kitchen appliances, students will learn various healthy recipes using fresh veggies and other foodstuffs, all the while learning important sanitation rules in the kitchen.  Understanding the fact that it is impossible for veggies to be fully matured and ready to harvest in the matter of 2 days, store bought veggies will be used to simulate the use of garden grown crops.


Students will be taken to Tanaka Farms in a field trip at the end of each week as a way to understand real world application of the skills they had learned in the camp.  Through this part of the camp, we at The Growing Tree hope to promote self sustainability in a broader picture for the students.


In order to promote Earth conservation, this segment of the camp will teach kids about “up-cycling”  (transforming waste into higher quality materials/creations).  Being the fourth day of the camp, it will give opportunity to explore other fun activities that are environmentally friendly and entertaining.